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Diep. Not sure which version, but I only played the 4 GB version. Introductions My name is Brage, I'm a teenager from America. I play video games and for the most part enjoy them. You may be wondering what I'm doing in the Arena and why there's a ton of fights in the background. Well, I came to kill 2 birds with one stone. I love the League and the enthusiasm that people have for it, and I had recently gotten into the UFC so I thought this would be a good match up. But what kind of match up is it? Why the kibbutz between a League newcomer and the greatest fighter of all time? The answer is simple. I am a novice. I am a rookie in this game, and the greatest fighter of all time is the most experienced player. Sure I may have less kills than champions like Clide or Fade, but I was a pro since the third week of the League. While you guys are only a few weeks in, I have been playing this game since the first week of the season. So what does that mean? It means that the only way to win against such a veteran is to be better than the veteran. I also am the only person that has defeated two champions, making my path to the top a bit easier. As for the other characters on the floor? They are here for various reasons. I brought out one of my friends, Ronny, to make this a four person fight. He's never fought before but he came in with some nasty elbows. Next to Ronny I have Noname the newly promoted league champion. This guy looks like an extra on the set of G.I. Joe. He's a veteran with over a thousand kills and nearly a thousand wins, and like I said he's currently undefeated. Then there is Master Dave. This man is a legend in the League, and it's been a long time since he has seen a rookie on his feet. I wanted to make this fight a bit more interesting, so I brought him out. Though he does come in with a bit of an attitude, you have to admire this guy, he has won 13 out of 14 fights and has never had to make it to the losers bracket. Lastly there is Trez. Trez is the starting Zhen. He hasn't made it far, but he has been in the League since the beginning. The set up




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Download Night Fight Champion 61

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